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Get your Tile and Grout sparkling like it was brand new again

Cleaning tile yourself can be hard work, make a mess, and yield little to no results. Let us use our high-pressure machines to get the grout shining its original white or beige color. Our machines penetrate deep into the grout lines blasting any dirt and grease away, leaving a prettier and brighter grout line for your home or office. 

The problem with regular mopping is that it only cleans the surface of the tile, and often spreads the dirt around. That surface dirt is free to settle on the top of the grout lines, causing muddy water to seep right back into the grout that it was just cleaned from.

Our professional tile and grout cleaning service high heat and high-powered water to eliminate those stubborn stains. Over time people tend to forget the original color of their grout. Pinnacle Restorations will bring back your tile’s original glory and shine. 

Service Overview

Generally, our tile and grout cleaning service follows the same proven steps:

First we pre-treat your floors with special enzymes to break up and stubborn grease and grime. We let the enzymes do their magic by letting it site for an extended period of time. This process ensures your tile and grout will come as clean as possible.
Then, we use high-powered water jets to break up and suck up both the dirt and chemicals into our recovery tank. That means any nasties from your floor are coming with us!
Finally we place fans on your entire space to aid in the dry time. This makes it much safer for friends and family, helping eliminate any chance of slip-and-fall.
White Clean Tile After

Service Quality

Below you can see the difference in the tile and grout after our tile cleaning service. Many in Gainesville offer tile cleaning using a by-hand approach. Remember cleaning by hand will never guarantee the same results are a professional tile cleaning service. Over time grease and dirt layer on one another creating layers of solid dirt. Our machine is specially designed to break up and suck out those tough to clean areas. Call now to book with Pinnacle Restorations.

Gainesville Carpet Tile Cleaning Before Tile and Grout Cleaning Gainesville After

Frequently Asked Questions?

No, our machine uses high-pressure water to penetrate deep into the grout lines to blast dirt and grime away. My tile surfaces are sealed, so the surface is cleaned too.
Yes, because our machine leaves none of it behind. When cleaning the chemicals we used are completely sucked off of the tile surface leaving no residue to harm your family and pets.
Not long. The drying process for tile cleaning can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. The lower your AC unit, the faster it will dry.

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