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How To Clean Tile & Grout at Home

Learning how to clean tile and grout is an essential skill to homeownership: one of the most important things that make a house a home is sparkling cleanliness, especially when the tile and grout are clean enough to allow you to feel the excitement that a tidy space can deliver.

How to clean tile grout Unfortunately, the grout between your tiles is prone to staining due to its typically light coloring and porous composition. As a result, your tile and grout need regular cleaning to keep them safe and looking great. Fortunately, you can clean and restore your grout using everyday household products like vinegar and baking soda. Below is a list of some ways to tackle dirt, grime, spills, mold, and mildew to restore your grout to its original vibrancy. Keep reading to learn more, then contact Pinnacle Restoration cleaning services in Gainesville, FL

The Tile and Grout Cleaning at Home Process:

Vinegar & Baking Soda

Natural products like baking soda and vinegar help remove grout grime, disinfect your home and leave it shiny and clean. To use this natural grout cleaning solution, mix baking soda with enough water in a small bowl to form a paste. Apply the soda mix to the grout using a toothbrush. Spray white vinegar over the affected area and let it sit until it fizzes. Gently scrub the area in circular motions and rinse well with warm water to remove dirt and organic stains.

To keep your tile grout clean and stain-free, it’s advised to spray it with vinegar and wipe it down once a week.

Bleach & Baking Soda How to clean tile grout

If you’re dealing with tougher stains and grimy grout, you might want to use oxygen bleach as a grout cleaner. To do this, mix bleach with baking soda to form a paste similar to the consistency of toothpaste. Apply the mix to the grout and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Scrub the grout using a toothbrush and rinse with clean water so that the grime does not resettle into the grout lines.

Alternatively, you can pour some bleach into a small bowl, then dip a toothbrush into the solution and apply it to the grout. Let the solution work for 10-15 minutes, then rinse down the area with clean water.

Pro Tip

If you’re using bleach to clean tile grout, it’s important to always open the windows, so the space is well-ventilated. This helps to minimize fumes. Another very important point is to fully remove any residual chemicals after cleaning. if bleach is reliquified with moisture, it can be tracked up and spread to other areas of your home such as carpet or even bed sheets. Be sure not to overdo the amount of bleach. A small cap-full is enough to get the job done in most settings. Learn about other carpet cleaning techniques and tricks.

Hydrogen Peroxide

If you’re dealing with moderate stains, you can work the grime away with hydrogen peroxide. To do this, pour some hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and spray the solution to the grout. Use a small stiff-bristled cleaning brush to scrub the grout and rinse until you reach the desired level of brightness.

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