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Prevent Fire With These Candle Safety Tips

I bet you had no idea that almost 4,000 house fires are started by candles each year in the United States. Could you believe an estimated $295 million in property damage can occur, according to the National Fire Protection Association? A candle will add ambiance to your home, by using these candle safety tips you will prevent fire from erupting in your home. Below are some tips from the NFPA and Gainesville Fire Rescue on how you can keep your home safe from candle-related fires.


Never leave a candle fire unattended – blow it out before you leave the room

Candles are a clean and cost-effective way to bring light and atmosphere into your home. In order to ensure safety they must be properly used with these tips to prevent a fire. Before leaving a room where a candle has been lit, always remember to blow it out. That may seem like an obvious reminder, due to the ease at which we operate candles nowadays but don’t overlook it! An unattended candle burning is a grave risk, easy to avoid by simply blowing out the candle before you go.



Candle blow safety tips carpet cleaning
Blow out your candles completely if you´re leaving your home unattended


Keep candles away from flammable objects like fabric curtains or furniture to prevent fire

Candlelight add warmth and ambiance to your room, always ensure that the candles you light are being used with safety tips to prevent a home fire.  Don´t ever place candles near anything flammable – curtains, clothes, furniture, books, etc. – as the heat from the flame could ignite a fire in seconds. Even if your candles are far enough away from such items, remember that sparks can fly out and quickly turn a once calming atmosphere into chaos. Use sturdy candle holders and avoid drafts so that the flame doesn’t flicker too much or otherwise become too strong. With an eye towards safety first, you can still enjoy the benefits of candlelight without running any risks.


Candle safety tips to prevent fire Gainesville home owners
Candles should never be placed near anything flammable


Don’t burn candles all the way down – extinguish them when they get low

Burning candles all the way down not only waste them but can also be a fire hazard. Extinguishing candles when they get low helps you get the most out of your wax and keeps your carpet safe. Wax that drips onto carpet can leave unsightly stains, if builds up it start to roast and smell bad. Extinguishing these flames when they are still a few inches high ensures that you don’t have any of these worries. So next time, remember to snuff out those flames before they come too close to the carpet, is useful to learn how to remove carpet soot in case it’s necessary.

Prevent Fire by using a candle holder that is stable and won’t tip over easily

Establishing safety protocols to prevent home fires is an essential part of using candles. If you burn wax, that same hot wax can cause a fire in your home. You can minimize that risk by opting for a stable candle holder. Be sure you grab one that won’t tip over easily. Such a candle holder can be made of metal or ceramic to stand sturdy. Quality holders should also be easy to clean since melted wax residue often accumulated. Cleaning candle holders regularly helps avoid any built-up heat as well as prevent any trapped dust particles that may flare up with the lit flame.


Keep candles out of reach of children and pets

Burning candles in your home can be enjoyable and create a warm, peaceful atmosphere; however, the utmost care must be taken to keep them away from children and pets. Having candles within reach of little hands or inquisitive paws can put their safety at risk! This will also endanger cleanliness throughout your home – so it’s best to store all candles on higher shelves or behind locked doors. This will ensure that everyone can enjoy the scented ambiance with peace of mind while keeping your home clean and safe, find out Why you should deep clean your carpets & upholstery.


Candle safety tips to prevent fire Gainesville home owners
Protect your pets by keeping them away from candles or open flames


Don’t use damaged or broken candles to prevent fire

When using Candle trends to create a mood or accent your space,always check that the candles you’re lighting are in good condition and free of damage or breaks Wicks that are short, too long, uneven, or have metal cores can lead to an inconsistent burn and inefficient use of the wax. A wick with a metal core may have trouble staying lit and will often smoke more than those with natural cotton cores. Damaged candles not only put off excess smoke but also dangerously increase the risk of fire hazards in your home. Inspect your candles before use and dispose of any that are damaged. Learn about The myths and truths about the candle for more Candle safety tips to prevent fire.


Final thoughts to prevent fire

Never leave a candle unattended – if you leave the room blow it out before. Keep candles away from flammable objects like curtains or furniture. Don’t burn candles all the way down, extinguish them when they get low. Use a candle holder that is stable and won’t tip over easily. Keep candles out of reach of your children and pets. Don’t use damaged or broken candles. Following these simple Candle safety tips to prevent fire, you can enjoy your candles without worry!

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