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Stop An Oven Fire Safely With This Guide

The kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s where we cook meals for our loved ones and entertain guests. Kitchens can also be dangerous places – especially if you don’t know how to handle a fire. Today, we’re going to show you how to stop an oven fire safely.

If you have to stop an oven fire, turn off the heat and leave the door closed.

When dealing with a kitchen fire, immediate action is necessary to minimize damage. If the fire originates in your oven, the first step to stop an oven fire is to turn off the heat and leave the door closed. This precaution helps you to prevent oxygen from entering and stoking the flames. Do not attempt to put out the fire with water or move the appliance until you have turned off all sources of heat. Once this is done, you can extinguish it with an appropriate fire extinguisher or open windows for ventilation if smoke has begun to spread. The oven can catch fire for several reasons, As always, your safety comes first, contact emergency services if you feel overwhelmed or unable to handle the situation.

Do not try to put out the fire with water. This will only make it worse.

Remember that water should not be used to try and put out a fire. In most cases, this will only serve to make the situation worse and create further destruction in your home, or wherever else the fire may spread. It might seem counterintuitive, due to water’s ability to extinguish other fires, but it is actually completely ineffective against certain types of fire like electrical or chemical fires. Even against regular materials like wood and gas, water can quickly displace heat causing even more rapid combustion of combustible items around the room. Therefore, when facing a fire you must use alternative smothering methods such as damp towels and blankets instead of attempting to extinguish the flames with water. Learn more about home cooking safety tips.


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Use baking soda to extinguish the flames. Throw it on top of the fire and close the oven door so that it can smother the fire.

Baking soda is an effective, natural way to stop an oven fire and extinguish the flames in the kitchen. Simply take a handful of baking soda and throw it on top of the fire – professional cleaners suggest doing this in an enclosed space such as an oven – and then close the door so that it can smother the fire. This is a safe, easy-to-execute method for handling small fires without having to set off your fire alarm or get out a fire extinguisher. Thus, it is recommended that you keep baking soda in your kitchen just in case! Find out what to do to stay safe with electrical appliances.

Once the baking soda has been on the fire for a few minutes, open up the oven and make sure that the fire is out before you turn it on again. If you have any food that was in the oven when the fire started, throw it away because it will be ruined by smoke damage.


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Once you’ve been letting the baking soda smother the fire for a few minutes, the next step is to open up the oven and make sure that the fire is cleanly extinguished. This way, you know that it’s safe to turn it on again. Just as important, any food that was inside when the fire started should be thrown away. Despite how clean the flame may have looked during burning, smoke damage can seriously compromise food quality – so tossing out any affected items is the best practice. Is important to have a plan and learn more about How often house fires happen.

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