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Pressure Washing Machines 101: What to Look For When Buying a New Machine for Your Home

Picking Pressure Washing Machines can be a confusing task. Keeping the exterior of your home clean is an essential part of maintaining its overall appearance and health. A great way to accomplish this is through pressure washing. However, with so many pressure washing machines on the market, choosing the right one for your home can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to help Gainesville, FL homeowners know what to look for when buying a new pressure washing machine. This is a helpful guide for those who would rather take the DIY approach. Remember its always better to call a professional pressure washing company in Gainesville, FL Like Pinnacle Carpet Cleaning & Restorations!


One of the most important considerations when purchasing a pressure washer is the PSI (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute) ratings. The PSI rating measures the pressure of the water flow, while the GPM rating measures the amount of water the machine can deliver. A higher PSI rating will provide more pressure, giving you more cleaning power, while a higher GPM rating will allow you to cover more surface area in less time. If you’re just using your pressure washer for light cleaning, a PSI of around 1300-2000 and a GPM of around 1.5-2.5 should suffice. For tougher jobs, consider a pressure washer with a PSI of over 2000 and a GPM of over 2.5.

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Types of Pressure Washers

There are three main types of pressure washers – gas-powered, electric-powered, and cordless. Gas-powered pressure washers are typically the most powerful, but they are also the loudest and emit exhaust fumes. They require more maintenance than electric pressure washers, but are better for heavy-duty usage. Electric pressure washers are less powerful but cleaner and quieter. They are also more affordable and require less maintenance. Cordless pressure washers are best for small jobs and can be used anywhere without needing a power source. Read this article if you ever wondered how often you should pressure wash your home.

Nozzle types

The type of nozzle can greatly affect your pressure washer’s performance. There are four main types of nozzles – 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, and 40-degree. The 0-degree nozzle produces a pinpoint stream and is best for removing tough stains. The 15-degree nozzle has a slight fan for tougher cleaning jobs while still being focused. The 25-degree and 40-degree nozzles have wider sprays and are best for general cleaning and washing. Choosing the right nozzle really depends on what you’re cleaning. It could be a flat driveway, sidewalk, or a brick house. Here’s a great article about power washing brick houses.


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Trigger Gun and Hose for Pressure Washing Machines

Another factor to consider when buying a new pressure washer is the trigger gun and hose length. A standard hose length for a pressure washer is around 20 feet but can range from 15 feet to over 50 feet. If you need to cover more surface area, consider buying an extension hose. It’s also important to choose a trigger gun that is comfortable for you to hold during use, as some pressure washers come with trigger guns that can cause strain to your hands.

Pressure Washing Machine Brands and Reviews

Finally, when choosing a pressure washing machine, make sure to do your research and read pressure washing machine customer reviews. Brands like Karcher and Sun Joe offer quality products that are known to last, and customer reviews can provide insight into real-life experiences using the product.


Choosing the right pressure washing machine can make a significant difference in how efficiently and effectively you can clean your home’s exterior. Consider factors like PSI and GPM, nozzle types, trigger gun and hose length, and brand and customer reviews when making your purchase. By choosing the right pressure washer for your needs, you can keep your home looking its best for years to come. We always recommend calling a professional pressure washing company but sometimes clients prefer to take the DIY approach. Thanks for reading Pressure Washing Machines 101.

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